How To Decide Which Colour To Choose for Your Tru-Bilt Shed
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How To Decide Which Colour To Choose for Your Tru-Bilt Shed

The colour of your Tru-Bilt shed may be a minor consideration, but it may have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. There are a few reasons you need to pay attention to your shed, as the perfect colour can improve the visual attractiveness of your shed, complement your property, and even alter its temperature.

To help you decide, we’ve put together some simple guides to help you choose the right colour for your Tru-Bilt Colorbond steel shed.

Top 5 Guides To Choosing The Right Tru-Bilt Shed

1. Consider Your Environment

Examine the existing colour palette of your property, including your house, fences, and landscaping. Consider natural colours like browns or greens if your property has earthy tones and the propensity to get dirty. Neutrals and cold tones work well for a more modern aesthetic, especially when it serves a sleeker purpose.


2. Reflect on the Goal

Consider how you plan to use your steel shed. Earthy and muted tones can mix perfectly with the natural environment in a gardening or tool shed. A brighter colour that encourages creativity and productivity can be appropriate for a workshop or studio.

3. Environmental Considerations

The colour of your shed’s exterior can affect its internal temperature. Lighter hues reflect sunshine and heat, keeping the interior cooler in the summer. However, we recommend darker shades as they absorb heat better, resulting in a warmer interior – particularly important for livestock and horse shelters during the cold Victoria winters. We suggest your colour selection meets your comfort needs based on your climate and planned use.

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4. Architectural Design

Take into account the architectural style of your home and property. Earthy tones or classic whites may be appropriate for a traditional or rustic home. Bolder and brighter colours may create a remarkable contrast in modern or contemporary homes.

5. Individual Preference

Believe it or not, your preferences influence your colour selection. Consider the colours you naturally gravitate toward and how they make you feel. Because the shed is an extension of your property, it should represent your personality, profession, and tastes.


Finally, choosing from our variety of available colours for your Tru-Bilt shed requires a balance of practical concerns and personal preferences. We will also add that you may make an informed decision that improves your outdoor space’s overall appeal and functionality by considering aspects such as the surroundings, purpose, climate, and architectural style.

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